french fries

718 Davie St
Vancouver BC
(604) 684-0811


Best Fries in the City!

"Great late night fries!" - cvm

"Their poutine is simply the best" - Bobo

"Best fry shack in town" - sushiman989

The Georgia Straight

Golden Plate Readers' Choice Winner 2008

Westender Magazine

Silver - Readers' Choice Winner 2006

For french fry (especially poutine) lovers!
"Fritz poutine has to be the BEST late night snack I have ever had. I cannot believe that I only JUST discovered this place (now that I'm exiting the clubbing-on-Granville phase of my life!). Classic poutine, great gravy, lotsa cheese. They have all these crazy dips (must be like 20 different kinds at least) like garlic parmesan, cilantro, etc. They'll plop it on top of your poutine and voila... french fry heaven. I've been craving Fritz ever since."

"some of the best fries in the city, accompanied with an assortment of different mayo sauces and condiments. My favourite dips to date are the garlic mayonnaise, mango-chutney, blue-cheese, and dill dip. All dips are put in a little paper cone and inserted into the larger paper cone containing your frites. Make nice with the servers and they may mix and match some of the sauces so you can try two different flavours at once. Friz version of poutine is fantastic. Sober or not, it is impossible not to appreciate the rich, dark gravy dripping over the fresh chunks of melted cheese curds, neatly nestled on top of the fresh fries. All fries are made in small batches to ensure the best quality."

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